Christian Family Conference

General Conference Information

This information is accurate as of February 26, 2024


Caught and Kept by the Heavenly Vision

Theme Verses

The Whole Counsel of God: "For I shrank not from declaring to you the whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27)

The Heavenly Vision: "Whereupon King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision" (Acts 26:19)

Our collective burden is that we must have Divine revelation and vision that captures us in the beginning and keeps us to the end. We are convinced that this is the Eternal Purpose of God that has been the focus of the conference from the beginning. We know that this revelation must be reality and has to be made known in the corporate testimony of the church and the personal testimony of the individual saints.

Speakers and Schedule:

The ministry of the Word is most important to make the "whole counsel" and "heavenly vision" known and manifested in reality through God's people.

With this in view we are planning a combination of worship and an introductory message on Sunday evening by Kenny Pittman. Dana Congdon will share 3 times on the Whole Counsel/Heavenly Vision that captures us. Lucio Aguirre will share 2 times on the reality of the Whole Counsel/Heavenly Vision expressed in the Church. David Peng will share 2 times on the reality of the Whole Counsel/Heavenly Vision expressed in the individual Christian. Jerry Aman will give a message Thursday night that is a charge on "All In" to respond to being caught and kept by this vision and our call to "not disobedient to the heavenly vision". John Blanchard will share a short closing on Friday morning following the Lord's Table.

  • Dana Congdon - Whole Counsel/Heavenly Vision
  • Lucio Aguirre - Whole Counsel/Heavenly Vision expressed in the Church
  • David P. - Whole Counsel/Heavenly Vision expressed in the individual Christian

Please remain in prayer that God’s full purpose for the conference will be accomplished.

The Children's Ministry:

The focus of the children's ministry will be on Peter as the evidence of one who is caught and kept. He is the first of the disciples to see the heavenly vision (Mathew 16) and he was kept by the Lord to the end.

The sessions for high school age teens will be coordinated by brethren from Manhattan and Houston. The children's ministry this year will focus be: Nehemiah, a bearer of God’s testimony.

Conference Information

The conference will be held at The College Of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. Williamsburg is a about 1 hour southeast of Richmond. The closest airports to Williamsburg are the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF) and Richmond International Airport (RIC). A campus map of William and Mary can be found here. We are still working with the college to determine which facilities we will have available. We do know that the conference will be centered around the Sadler Center (building 285, grid D-3 on the map).

General Registration Information

Due to limited class sizes this year those with children need to register early. Although the conference capacity is 500 on campus, we only have classroom space for 200 children, nursery through 8th grade. Therefore, family registrations should not be delayed. Registrations with adults only, singles and families without children will be left open until capacity is reached.

  • Registration and payment of deposit is a prerequisite for ALL attending.
  • Online Registration is available on around 7pm Eastern time April 1st 2024 at:
  • Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Registrations are NOT confirmed until registration deposits are received. Online payment is available this year.
  • Deposits have gone up this year. They are $100/person with a maximum of $400 per family
  • Registrations are NOT transferable.
  • See further registration information throughout this web site.

On-Campus Registrants:

Air conditioned rooms for a maximum of 500 persons are available in the campus dorms. Rooms are dormitory style. Rooms may share a hall bath. Special rooming requests (Health Needs) should be noted on your Registration Form and will be considered based on limited facilities. Three meals a day are provided this year in Sadler Dining Hall. Transportation to and from the dining hall will be available for those in need. (See Schedule for meal times.)

Rooms will not be assigned to a family until the deposit is received. Due to severe space limitations this year it is important that if you register that you are able to and plan to attend. In years past almost 10% of the people that register do not show up. This denies others the ability to come to the conference.

Off-Campus Registrants:

Williamsburg is a very popular tourist destination and has many hotels and lodging options. Any persons, including all children, who will be attending conference meetings, day and/or evening, but not staying on campus MUST REGISTER. A registration/commuter fee of $100 per person ($300 per family maximum) is required to help pay for rental of the facilities and can be paid by mail or online by credit card. It is necessary that you register so proper arrangements can be made for you and your family for nurseries, children's classes, crafts, group meetings, etc. Please check the box pertaining to Off-Campus Registration on your Registration Form. If you would like to take your meals at the dining hall while staying off-campus, please check the box marked "meals" on the Registration Form.

International Registrants:

Please be advised that the Christian Family Conference is absolutely unable to sponsor any visas for individuals desiring to attend the conference.


After registering, if you find AT ANY TIME that you will NOT be able to attend, PLEASE contact Registration IMMEDIATELY. There is a waiting list of people who can take your place when we are informed.