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Theme Verse

And I sent messengers to them, saying, I am doing great work, and I cannot come down. Why should the work cease, whilst I leave it and come down to you? Nehemiah 6:3

These are the words of Nehemiah and from this one verse the burden for the 2020 Christian Family Conference was born. Nehemiah was a vessel used by God at the end of the Old Testament Age in “The Recovering of the Lord Testimony in Fulness” as Brother T. Austin Sparks wrote. This is God’s emphasis in this last historical book of the Old Testament. This was God’s great recovery work at the end of that age. Nehemiah saw it, was captured by it and it caused him to be engaged in God’s Great Work of the recovery of His Testimony.

We are living at the end of the New Testament Age, just prior to the Lord’s return. He is still doing a great work and is looking for ones like Nehemiah to join Him in that great work. A dominant phrase in “The Revelation”, the last book of the New Testament, is “The Testimony of Jesus”. This is God’s Great Work in the closing age of history.

In summary the outline of our burden for this year’s conference is as follows:

  • The Testimony of Jesus Explained
  • The Testimony of Jesus Recovered
  • The Testimony of Jesus Expressed

Please remain in prayer that God’s full purpose for the conference will be accomplished.

The sessions for high school age teens will be coordinated by brethren from Manhattan and Houston. The children's ministry this year will focus be: Nehemiah, a bearer of God’s testimony.

Conference Information

The conference will be held at Longwood University in Farmville Virginia. Farmville is a small town about 1 hour southwest of Richmond. The closest airport to Farmville is the Richmond International Airport (RIC). A campus map of Longwood University can be found here. Longwood has graciously made many facilities available to the conference including classrooms, recreational facilities, sports fields, dormitory space and meeting rooms. A central walkway (or spine) runs the length of the campus and most of the buildings are organized around that spine. The central spine contains several fountains including a walk-through/play-in fountain. The ministry meetings will be held in Jarman Hall (Building 14). The dormitories used by the conference are Wheeler (Building 17), Register (33), Sharp (33), and Johns (42). Meals will be served in Dorrill Dining Hall (Building 28).

General Registration Information

Due to limited class sizes this year those with children need to register early. Although the conference capacity is 500 on campus, we only have classroom space for 200 children, nursery through 8th grade. Therefore, family registrations should not be delayed. Registrations with adults only, singles and families without children will be left open until capacity is reached.

  • Registration and payment of deposit is a prerequisite for ALL attending.
  • Online Registration is available on noon Eastern time April 9th 2022 at:
  • Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Registrations are NOT confirmed until registration fees are received. Online payment is available this year.
  • Registrations are NOT transferable.
  • See further registration information throughout this web site.

On-Campus Registrants:

Air conditioned rooms for a maximum of 500 persons are available in Wheeler, Register, Register, Sharp and Johns dorms. Rooms are dormitory style. Most rooms sharing a bath with 1 or 2 other rooms. Special rooming requests (Health Needs) should be noted on your Registration Form and will be considered based on limited facilities. Three meals a day are provided this year in Dorrill Dining Hall. Transportation to and from the dining hall will be available for those in need. (See Schedule for meal times.)

Off-Campus Registrants:

Any persons, including all children, who will be attending conference meetings, day and/or evening, but not staying on campus MUST REGISTER. A registration/commuter fee of $50 per person ($150 per family maximum) is required to help pay for rental of the facilities and can be paid by mail or online by credit card. It is necessary that you register so proper arrangements can be made for you and your family for nurseries, children's classes, crafts, group meetings, etc. Please check the box pertaining to Off-Campus Registration on your Registration Form. If you would like to take your meals at the dining hall while staying off-campus, please check the box marked "meals" on the Registration Form.

International Registrants:

Please be advised that the Christian Family Conference is absolutely unable to sponsor any visas for individuals desiring to attend the conference.


After registering, if you find AT ANY TIME that you will NOT be able to attend, PLEASE contact Registration IMMEDIATELY. There is a waiting list of people who can take your place when we are informed.