Christian Family Conference

Conference Registration

Registration Guidelines

New Registration Policy

In order for your registration to be accepted and processed, your deposit must be received.

If your deposit is not received within two weeks of when you register, your registration will not be processed and will be moved to the waiting list until the deposit is received.

Please review the official registration instructions found here before starting your online registration.

This page provides guidelines and instructions for registering via the Internet for the Christian Family Conference in Farmville, Virginia for 2024. We ask that as many people as possible register via the Internet to reduce the workload on the registration coordinators.

Registration via the Internet is a simple 4 step process.

  1. Fill in the Entire form with general family information.
  2. Fill in a 2nd form with additional information.
  3. Confirm the information entered.
  4. Mail your registration deposit to confirm your registration. We now support payment of the deposit via the Internet using a credit card. The deposit must be received for the registration to be confirmed.

Each of the forms will have instructions on them for the fields to be populated. If you have questions regarding registration you may email them to