Christian Family Conference

Specific Information

Standard of dress:

Please be aware that this is a serious matter that has become a major issue of concern. The standard of dress for the conference is found in the following scriptural principles:
  • Our dress should be modest (not tight, not revealing, not too short)
  • We should not be a stumbling block to others
  • Whatever we do, we should do it to the glory of God.
Parents and guardians, please be sure that you and your children are aware of these standards of dress, and are compliant. Know that they are based on a desire to honor the Lord and to prefer one another in Christian love.


The nurseries (ages 0-2 years old) depend primarily on the parents and others attending the CFC. The nurseries are during both morning and evening sessions. If you have children this age you may be called upon to help with a maximum of 2 sessions during the week. Additionally it would be of great help to have individuals volunteer to serve everyday, in either the morning or evening time, in one of the nurseries to provide continuity for the children. This schedule will be worked out prior to your arrival at the campus. Others without nursery age children that can help are asked to indicate this on your registration form. There will be specific instructions concerning your nursery responsibilities at Registration when you arrive. If you are able to help more than twice or are unable to help, please indicate this in Special Information on the back of your registration form so that those scheduling the nurseries plan accordingly. There will be no provision for nursery age children during the afternoon fellowship times.


There will be nurseries and classes for children through eighth grade during all the ministries. The children's classes will focus on the life of David.

Special Note to parents: Longwood University is located in a small town with a small shopping area across the street and other attractions within easy walking distance from the dormitory. Children ages 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult, group leader or chaperone during the conference.

Teens (Grade 9-12):

Teens will also meet as a group for morning prayer (see Schedule for time). The teens will have their own morning ministry. During the fellowship time in the afternoon, the teens will have their own group fellowship. Teens should sit with their families during worship and remain with their parents or guardians during the evening ministry.

Recreational Facilities:

The university is providing access to a number of recreational facilities including soccer fields, beach volleyball courts, tennis courts, racquetball courts, and more. These facilities will be available during afternoon recreation time. The university does not provide equipment, balls, racquets, etc. for these facilities, so please bring personal recreation equipment if you desire to use the facilities. There is an additional recreation center available for those over 18 years of age that includes a track, weight room and other facilities.

Fellowship Groups:

Brothers and sisters will be asked to share around the morning and evening ministry with the emphasis on what the Lord has revealed to them at the conference. These groups will be small so that all will have the opportunity to share. We believe that our fellowship times are in many ways as important as the ministry and therefore we encourage all to attend and participate in these times.


The conference bookstore will be located in a location to be announced later. The times will be posted in the handbook that you will receive when you check in. Books will be available for purchase at near-cost prices.

Travel Directions:

Auto Travel from North or East of Richmond Click Here For Directions

Auto Travel from Southwest of Richmond: Click Here For Directions

Auto Travel from Southeast of Richmond: Click Here For Directions

Auto Travel from West of Richmond: Click Here For Directions

Early Arrival / Late Departures:

Due to campus events we cannot house any early arrivals on campus before June 26th.


IMPORTANT NOTE ON TRANSPORTATION: Due to the complexity of trying to accommodate as many Saints as we can and the limited number of drivers and vehicles, we have to adhere to SCHEDULED van transport to and from the Conference. Thank you for your understanding.

For the Saints arriving at Richmond International Airport and other mass transit, CFC will NOT be able to provide personalized / on demand transportation to and from the conference site at Longwood University. CFC will be running a single bus from Richmond International Airport (RIC) to the Conference on Sunday 3:30pm, and again from the Conference to RIC on Friday at 11 with arrival at RIC at 12:30. Saints are encouraged to plan their flight schedules to make use of these bus. Travelers arriving or departing from the AMTRAK or GREYHOUND stations will need to plan to use local taxi or limousine service to RIC if they desire to use the CFC van to the Conference site. ALL travelers desiring to use the CFC scheduled bus service should check the "Transportation Needed" box on the Conference Registration Form, and verify their Flight numbers along with their time of arrival and number of passengers with the CFC TRANSPORTATION COORDINATORS. Public and private transportation to the conference site is available but limited.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Scheduled return flights Friday at least 3 hours after the van is scheduled to leave Longwood i.e. the earliest return flight will commence at 3:30 p.m.

For those travelers NOT using the scheduled bus service, the University recommends Airport limousine service. (800) 552-7911. Rental cars are available at the airport which can be used for private transportation if that better accommodates your plane and travel schedule situation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Those travelers arriving after the scheduled bus on 6/26 or leaving the Conference before the scheduled vans on Friday, 7/1 , will need to arrange their own transportation to & from the Longwood University.