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2023 Christian Family Conference

2023 Annoucement

Registration for the 2023 conference has officially closed.

2023 Announcement

We are disappointed to announce that there will not be a conference in 2023 as we hoped. Longwood University contacted us near the end of October 2022 to inform us of a change in university policy regarding summer conferences. They are not planning on allowing conferences that require dormitory use, but are focusing on day conferences. It was difficult for the summer conference director to give us this news since it meant the end of the Christian Family Conference (CFC) at Longwood. We were not sure if this would be the end of the CFC which started in 1975. There have been 2 CFC's at Randolph-Macon College, 30 at University of Richmond and 14 at Longwood University. We have been greatly blessed by the Lord's presence, the ministry of the word, ministry to the children and youth, and the fellowship with saints from all over the world. We believe the overall conference theme of The Eternal Purpose of God (Ephesians 3:10) has greatly helped the church and individual believers to have a God-centered focus for our individual Christian life and our corporate Chrtistian life as we gather together with the Lord's people.

Since the notification from Longwood we have been seeking the Lord along with the other sponsoring assemblies to determine the Lord's will going forward. We set the end of 2022 as a date for all the assemblies to notify us of their sensing in prayer. All assemblies that contacted shared that their leading was to continue the family conference, specifically mentioning to keep the emphasis on The Eternal Purpose of God. Based on this input we prayed and contacted Randolph-Macon College (RMC) where the CFC began in Ashland, Virginia, located just north of Richmond.

All communications with the RMC Summer Conference Staff have been very positive and the facilities are excellent. They informed us that it was possible to have a conference this summer in July 2023. At the last minute other departments of RMC notified their summer conference staff that some of the facilities, including the cafeteria, were scheduled to be closed this summer for renovation. They were disappointed to inform us that they were not able to host the CFC this summer. However, they expressed great interest in having it there in 2024 and we have told them to hold it for us. Therefore, we are planning a 2024 Christian Family Conference at Randolph-Macon. College from Sunday June 30, 2024 to Friday July 5, 2024. Please pray for all the preparations and the Lord's will to be done.

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