Christian Family Conference

2021 Christian Family Conference

A Great Work - The Testimony Of Jesus

It has been two years that the COVID-19 Pandemic has prevented us from gathering for the Christian Family Conference. During this time many have inquired about when we could gather again, expressing a longing to be together. We are seeking the Lord about June/July 2022 to have the conference once again at Longwood, University.

While we are apart we want to encourage the brothers and sisters. We believe that the theme the Lord gave us, A Great Work – The Testimony of Jesus, continues to be the Lord’s burden for us. It is His Great Work and that work is centered in The Testimony of Jesus. However, it is not just His Great Work, but a work He has called us into. We read in Nehemiah 6:3 the testimony of the man, “…I am doing a great work, and I cannot come down. Why should I cease, whilst I leave it and come down to you?”. Unquestionably, He is doing The Great Work. However, since God uses man to accomplish His Purpose, we too must have the testimony of Nehemiah and be involved in The Great Work, refusing to be distracted from it by life’s troubles and cares. This, The Eternal Purpose of God, has always been our burden for the Christian Family Conference and will continue to be so.

To help saints keep the focus, we are encouraging you to listen to the old message we have attached by Brother Stephen Kaung on Nehemiah that helped start us on this path of “A Great Work”. We also have attached a recent short word of encouragement from our 106 year old brother. In addition, we have attached special links for available books from our brothers Stephen Kaung and Lance Lambert, who have helped reveal to us and make this burden Our Great Work. All who use these special links will receive a discount on books ordered. May the Lord use these things to keep us focused so The Testimony of Jesus can be increased and strengthened until we gather again.

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